Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I visited Bolton yesterday, a place I had not been to for at least 10 years, in fact not since I had worked their.

Bolton is a nice town, lots of Old Buildings, especially around the Town Hall area. The people of Bolton are well serviced by good shops BHS, M&S etc all in an easy to get to shopping area.

I traveled from home up-to Bolton by bus and train for an interview, pleasant journey almost rural, and not very long, so if you are in Manchester give Bolton a try.

My friends, Anish and his Family, Kal who is Anish's Sister with her family, Zulekha and another good friend Oliver all live in and around Bolton. I am hopefully meeting up with Oliver tonight to hear what is going on in his life but hopefully I can organise a meeting with all my friends in Bolton soon. I will mail or text them today to try to organise this.

The reason for being in Bolton is that I am job hunting and being interviewed in Bolton, couple of irons in the fire in the area. I am also looking at Rochdale and Bury.

Bury, now that makes me think if I was to start work in Bury I would be moving into a working environment that has turned full circle. I have traced some of my Fathers Family history and it is strongly linked to Bury, especially a long gone place called Pump Street, I have been in contact with the Bury Historical Society, who gave me an idea of where the street was, now a Supermarket, if I remember correctly. My Family History on my Fathers side is back to the late 17 hundreds and they worked in mills, I can see me back in't mill, working in Bury, eatin black puddin with black eyed peas. Ahh good wholesome vittles.

Well, back to the slog now preparing for another interview later today, in Bolton................

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