Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Onwards and upwards

Not a lot doing on Monday.

I have been put forward for a job in the Financial Sector an area that I would not have really considered myself but others perhaps have more knowledge of the area than I. Sales is another area that people in the industry say that I would do well in, personally I cringe at sales but who knows, new start, new industry, new position. I am Reilly surprised how well these positions pay.

Ted and Jackie who got married just over a week ago are back from Las Vagas today, I wonder how they enjoyed it. Norma and I stayed their on that memorable day for the world September the 11th 2001 and although neither of us gamble thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I am again trying to organise a 'hook up' that is a meeting for us old ones with some friends for next weekend, poor Oliver seems to be at Uni from Dawn to Dusk doing his Masters. A lot of my other Friends will still be doing the Eid celebrations.

Our little street have a Residents Association, called The Forgotten Valley Residents Association and we are organising a Bonfire Night street party for Saturday the 3rd of November, a lot of work has been done to our homes and due to this, the people in our street have really bonded, I know we are going to have a great Bonfire Night, boozy I hope.

Nice day in Manchester after a wet evening, the mail I was waiting for arrived yesterday so a bit more settled.

Love and Peace.

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