Monday, 22 October 2007

F1 and the New Week

Well the F1 finishes where it started in controversy, remember the first race Ferrari had a piece of kit on that was not allowed, did they lose any points, NO.

Alonso, somehow brings over some details of Ferrari and McLaren get kicked out of the constructors title race.

Now BMW & Williams chill their fuel down and at this timee no penalty.

I am sure Lewis Hamilton would not want the Drivers Championship now, he appears to be an honourable man but we have been in the position for a long time that Ferrari can do no wrong, they have cheated for years, remember Mansel being taken out back in the 90s.

Lewis Hamilton will be the Champion that is if he stays in F1 lets hope he does not go to Nascar until later in his career.

OK, it is Monday. I have to go to Widnes, Manchester City Center, possibly Oldham and Bolton. So I have a busy week on the job front. Just have to get the right job.

The BBC are back this morning but no filming, that is if their schedule allows.

Looking out the study window at 08:30 winter is coming what leaves are left are lifeless, the sky is grey and all are wrapped up against the cold.

Love and Peace.

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