Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Late on Tuesday

A Tuesday to remember, it started at 06:00 getting up early to get suited and booted for a job I was not even sure I wanted to interview for.

At Piccadilly for 07:10 for a coffee and a 07:35 train to Liverpool, to take me to Hough Green, in Widnes to be interviewed for a job in Bolton.

Well the train was cancelled, good start, the 08:00 came and it was a train that stopped at every station, I arrived at 09:05 for a 09:00 meeting with the agency representative but in time for the 09:30 appointment.

The interview was down to two of us and Tom the other guy I am glad to say got the job.

My heart was not in the interview, the whole job did not suit my needs but I used the experience as a practice for another series of interviews over Wednesday and Thursday for jobs that sound more interesting.

I missed the train on the way back as well.

Never mind tomorrow is another day and I am a firm believer that fate will play its part in getting me the roll of a lifetime.

Love and Peace.

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