Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Whew what a Monday

Monday started off with me calling my Sister Lynn back home in the Isle of Man, it was Lynn's Birthday, we had a quick chat (74 minutes) Lynn is doing well as are all the Family.

I thought it was going to be quiet but in a mad rush all sorts happened.

Started with a man from the BBC knocking on the door, explaining that some filming will be taking place soon, I think the show will be called 'Space Hopper' and will be a sketch show. As we were standing having a chat the man asked if he could take a few pictures of the inside of the house as they needed an internal area to shoot in. He seemed happy with what he saw and we will now wait and see how things turn out.

The house has been used to shoot 'City Central' in the past also the street we live in gets used quite often for other shows, 'Life on Mars' 'Waterloo Road' 'The Street' 'Prime Suspect' etc.

On the job front, at this time I have 4 possibly 5 interviews lined up for this week, a wide variety of types of employment all office based and each one interesting.

It is pouring down in Manchester, 09:00 and it is like mid-winter, it is so dark.

Ah, trip to Bolton this afternoon have not been there for age's.

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