Sunday, 23 September 2007


Well all

Started the blog and sent out a few mails inviting friends to read, I will try to mail some more people over the next few days to view my blog and encourage them to perhaps start one of their own.

It is a nice way of putting together a diary and is quite therapeutic. Sorry I did not start one earlier. An old friend Daryl started one quite a while ago on moving out to start a new life in Barcelona from Manchester and make a very interesting read. Daryl's blog is at;- Please read it and enjoy, he is great guy, doing something a log of us have never had the nerve to do.

Well last night Norma and I went out, we had a drink in a bar by the side of the Palace Theater called Cast, not long opened and quite quiet, which was nice.

Next we had a Chinese banquet in a buffet restaurant called Tai Wu ( very nice and at a price that leaves you wondering how they make a profit, the crispy duck is second to none. The restaurant is near the Palace Theater at 44 Oxford Road, near Portland Street.

Now the highlight of Saturday. Blood Brothers at the Palace Theater. Well Linda Nolan of the in-famous Nolan sisters was off the cast list and a stand in took her place, well the stand in was excellent, I cannot remember her name sorry.

Well the play it's self was excellent, I am not giving anything away, the first half of the show, was to me a bit drawn out, but required. The second part passed by so fast it left you wanting more. The end was very emotional. I have waited years to see this play and was not let down. It lasted about 3 hours and I am glad Norma got us next to front row, center stalls, with extra leg room. You need that extra leg room.

Well we got a bus home after walking across Manchester City Center, the bus home takes less than 5 minutes so is better than a taxi and you do see life walking around Manchester after dark on a Saturday night, how the bus drivers put up with the drunks is beyond me but the bus is very amusing too.

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