Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day one of my blog.

Today is the start of my Blog.

So far this month I have resigned from my job of 10 years.

Started to look for a new job. Had a few interviews with agencies, one knock back for a job close by.

Had my 54th birthday.

Caught up with a few people that I have missed out on for some time due to being absorbed with work.

I am enjoying being with my Wife Norma, before we just worked and passed each other a lot. We are actually socialising with each other, we are getting on well.

Today Norma has gone out to get her hair done.

I am chilling and writing a blog.

Tonight, we are out on the town (Manchester, UK) Chinese meal then off to see Blood Brothers at the Palace Theatre, Manchester.

I am looking forward in the near future to

  • Being in Malaga for a break 1st October 07 to the 5th of October.
  • A new job.
  • Seeing my Family in the Isle of Man sometime soon, if I can.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, I look forward to reading your blogs. Good luck with the job search!. David B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, nice blog. From Kibby

Adrian Howarth said...

Thank you all.

It is nice to see that my blog is being read on both sides of the Atlantic.