Monday, 24 September 2007

The end of one week and the start of another.

Well Sunday was quiet, Norma did the food shop for the coming week, I hate shopping and supermarket users give me trolley rage, individuals who go for a weekly shop for example, Husband, Wife, three children aged 4 to 7, running up and down the isles skidding on the floor and playing races, worst of all are the kids with wheelies, those little wheels in the bottom of trainers. Why can not one of the parents stay at home or in the car with the children and spend a bit of time communicating with each other. (Rant mode switched off).

I stayed at home mailed a few friends, an observation I made yesterday was that Gary living near Alicante (Who's Birthday it was) and Daryl living in Barcelona, answer their mails a lot quicker than people closer to home.

Spent most of the day sitting in the company of Norma who had her nose in a book for hours while I sat on the laptop.

Listened to the Man-U vs Chelsea (2-0) match while watching a film, who said men cannot multi task.

The coming week according to my diary. I have very little booked in, this is a reflection of going on holiday next week, I expect interviews for later in the week.

The search for a new job is a full time job in it's self, in fact in my case it has taken over my life, this blog is a nice distraction, a form of therapy, you can put down your thoughts and plan's.

Well lets see what today brings.............................................

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