Friday, 28 September 2007


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Highpoint of Thursday would have to be meeting Norma and sharing a bottle of reasonably priced wine (£7.50) in our current favourite watering hole the English Lounge. The English Lounge is situated in the Northern Quarter, which we live on the fringe of.

The Northern Quarter is a very up and coming area of Manchester, full of little boutique type shops, bars, coffee shops, Lebanese, Asian, Afro Caribbean cafes, a few restaurants, like 'The Market' and of course The English Lounge which doubles up as a bar. We have a few trendy bars 'Bluu' 'Odd' 'The Ranch''TV21' but give me the little pubs, 'Mother Mac's' 'Crown and Anchor' 'Wheatsheaf' 'The Burton Arms' 'The Smithfield'.

The Northern Quarter is very handy for the young ones to carry on to The Printworks and is very handy for Piccadilly & Victoria Stations as well as the Bus Stations. If you fancy getting away from the shoppers in the Arndale, just head for the New Arndale Market Area, Look out the window/door by the Fish Vendor and you will see the English Lounge, I may be upstairs in the quiet lounge.

I have put these links in to help you;-

English Lounge
Northern Quarter
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I am just thinking, when I came to write this blog today I had nothing to put in it, surprising how things come to mind and how something small develops into a travel log.

Well to get back on track, we caught a bus (New Double Decker # 17 bus) for the two minute journey up the road, lazy or what.

The bus drops us off by the Chinese Chippy and we bought chips to eat on the way home, they were left open, so we could eat them on the hoof. They taste so much better eaten outside and fresh. Norma puts it down to not being wrapped while hot and cooking continuing while encased in paper and I have to agree she may have a point. See the poll.

Well not long to go till we head off on our break.

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