Thursday, 27 September 2007

No Change

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Yesterday was quite uneventful really.

No contact from any agencies, so no change at this time on the job front.

The Celery Soup was a great success, Norma and I really enjoyed it. I took a trip to our Local ASDA to buy some bits and pieces, while there I bought some Irish wheaten bread, this set off the soup very nicely.

Norma and I are really looking forward to our break in Malaga. Here is the link to our hotel. believe me it is as nice as it looks. We have stayed here before quite recently and it is close to most of what Malaga has to offer. A lot of people know Malaga Airport but they should have a look around the City. A warning though not a lot of tourist's and not a lot of English spoken (Quite rightly so, in my mind) the people are very friendly and helpful, Ladies you would die for the shops, also a lot of Bridal ware shops for those of you thinking of getting married.

The squirrels are still gathering nuts outside so I am off to watch the antics. Exciting or what. Hee Hee

Time for another day, to start...................

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