Saturday, 29 September 2007

Let the Holiday begin

Monday will soon be here. Early start on Monday morning at the airport for about 04:00 hours.

Had a laugh last night, two of our friends (Ted & Jackie) are getting married next Saturday and Ted rang late yesterday afternoon to say are we going out for a drink, never being one to turn down a night out I said yes.

Norma gets home washes her hair ETC, we get all dolled up then Ted call's to say his boiler is knackered and they cannot make it. So there was us all dressed up and nowhere to go. Ah well we just got a carry out and had a drink at home. well we thought it was funny Hee Hee.

I see Lewis Hamilton is in pole position for the F1 in Japan, COME ON HAMILTON.

Off out tonight with some of my old Team from Virgin Media, I am looking forward to seeing them. I left work without saying anything to them face to face and need to apologise. I did mail them and it can be a bit impersonal.

Oh! Thank you all that took part in the pole about eating chips out of a bag being better. 100% yes it is vote.

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Daryl said...

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Daryl's Comment;-
Que pasa mi tio... todo bien ?

I cant seem to post a comment on your blog.... thank you for your very kind comments I read your blog....

a few phrases you might know already for social situations I wanted to post on there..... I know you try and steer away from the general English/Tourist stuff...

Hola/Buenas mi tio (good male friend, I use with my drinking mates in the pub) Hi mate...

Hola/Buenas guapa most women love this, in Engish it means Hi Love/geougos, belive me mate, they dont see it in the same context

Pemnatimate---- ( when you having a drink with someone, it means lets have one before the last one, with this you can get away with saying " Last one for the road) its normally responds when your drinking with someone who is native spanish with a laugh.. then another drink is orderd....

Como estas or Que pasa tio/ guapa... means How are you/ whats happening my friend (m) (f)

Me gustria..... ( I would like...whatever.) Another good one, is.... me gusta....futból ( I like football... )

"Pero" is another useful link word it means "but"

¿Sabes? me cias bien... (means I get on with you well... ( this would be good after a few drinks..) ..

I good word to use when you are asking for a number of things, for example in a bar....

Una cerveza " tambien" un claro por favor.. Tambien means also... However Por Favor is not used that often, when you get what you want as you know thanks is enough. Por Favor is normally used as a exclemention (!) when you are getting p´´éd of about something or it starts to become urgent or when its used as a stress form...

another one, taxi drivers will always ask " Donde va? " you say "me voy..............."

Donde es will also help in Many Situations I am sure you know it means where is (such and such)

Fins Bones...
(see you at christmas in catalan)