Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Geoff Cannell

Well today has started well I received my last payment from my last job at Virgin Media, nice little earner, what with holiday pay and overtime.

Very little contact yesterday with employment agencies, all appears to be in holiday mode, I feel that both the agencies and I have a situation where we cannot go forward due to my going on holiday. No problem, as I said yesterday, loads of work out their, I will just re-evaluate on my return from holiday.

Norma, she is a caring soul, hauled the complete works of Colin Dexter's Morse Mystery's home last night, it ways a ton, she is a star. I must admit I am enjoying the reading though.

Last nights curry went down well.

Today is the day I hopefully make a good Celery Soup I am going to follow the recipe on this link I have to nip to the supermarket for a couple of things, that will get me out for a while.

I had a trip into Manchester Town Center yesterday, go to the bank etc, I think a robbery had taken place in the 'Cash Generator' in Oldham Street, lots of Police Cars and Vans. I see four people got shot last night in Greater Manchester, not near us though. We did have a murder not far away a couple of years ago but we live in quite a quiet area, well policed by both local and transport police.

I spoke to my Sister Lynn yesterday, when we get on the phone an hour just fly's by. I learnt of the passing of Geoff Cannell the TT commentator and a good man.
With that I now close this blog for the day,


David B. said...

Four shot in Greater Manchester in one night!! Sounds like over here in the 70,s. Must say I enjoy reading your blogg. Look forward to hearing some tails from your trip next week.

Adrian Howarth said...

Cheers Nephew.