Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hi all this is Norma writing this for Adrian as he's not too good. I'm going to start on the 5th April when we had two appointments one at North Manchester and one at The Christie. The North Manchester appointment was so positive they said Adrians body was now fighting the infection so all was looking good and he didnt  need any more antibiotics. We were elated as we set off to The Christie. Then the blow !! they couldn't give Adrian any Chemo till the infection was clear BUT more importantly the cancer in his lungs was growing rapidly. The doctors at North Manchester said they would make a new appointment for 4 weeks time and the Christie said they would make one for 6 weeks ahead then decide what to do next !

We decided that as there were 4 weeks with out appointments we would have a month in Spain at the house we have rented.Within 2 days Adrian had booked the ferry, hotels for overnight stays as the journey takes 4 days !! So within 5 days we were on our way ( Tuesday the 10th April). Arrived in Cortes on Friday 13th collected the Keys and went to the house. It was cold and dirty ( it had been empty since August so not surprising) We had a meal, put the central heating on then went to bed.

The next week we cleaned the house organised for Sky to be installed and bought a new TV. The next 2 weeks were very up and down for Adrian (mostly down I think) we decided not to change our return date and to stay until our original departure date ( 10th May). Our daughter Helen was checking our mail daily for Adrian's appointments we received the Christie one but had to cancel it as we didnt have a North Manchester appointment. Helen organised the missing appointment for the 14th May which fit nicely with our return ferry.

With hindsight we should have changed our return date and come home sooner as Adrian got to the stage where he couldn't get off the couch never mind get up stairs ! I honesty feel that I drove a dying man the length of Spain to get him home and treated by experts who knew his case ( and that I could speak to as my Spanish is terrible) . It really was scary at times he was barely concious !!!!!

On Monday this week (14th May) we had our appointment with Adrian's specialist, Mr Brammer, what a lovely man he is. Adrian was so distressed and in pain that Mr Brammer just sat and held his hand then promised to make sure  he was made as comfortable as possible. Adrian was admitted to ward F6 until they sorted out pain relief, and all the equipment we would need for his comfort being treated at home. We never realised how much help is there for you when you reach the stage that Adrian has and need home care, from a hospital bed to people to sit with him if I need to go out !

Here we are Thursday and everything except the bed has been delivered and that will be here tomorrow  I will never critisise the national health service they could not have done more for us.

Friday at last waiting for the bed when I get a call to say the order for the bed had just been put in so it will be Monday before its delivered. At this point I lost it, for all we have been through and coped well with I think, it has take a "Bed" or lack off ! to break me , I just sat and cried. 3 more days of Adrian in hospital all because someone didnt have a sense of urgency. Then by afternoon everything started to happen I was visiting Adrian when the Ward Manager came with the phone it was a call for us to say the bed was on its way ! Thank god for Sue the community nurse and Dee from Macmillan's not sure what strings they pulled but I shot home just in time for the bed being delivered!! I went to the hospital for evening visiting and the Ambulance turned up to take Adrian home so once again I was rushing home, this time to beat the ambulance !

It is so so good to have Adrian home and start to get things organised.

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Thinking of you both ..Lydia (Mrs D)