Friday, 16 March 2012

Two steps forward, one step back.....

Well I left hospital for a whole 3 days, being treated daily as an outpatient. Friday, my blood count was wrong, temperature up as was my heart rate. So transferred back to F6 North Manchester General Hospital. Find information of NMGH here.

More information is being sought, microbiologist and CT scan to be consulted.

How do I really feel. Disappointed, frustrated, feeling of getting nowhere fast, all come to mind. The thing is I know others are frustrated too. Especially the medical teams.

Just listened to a programme talking about depression. Although given medication, very low dosage for depression, I feel in no way that way. Yes, I can get down, have a dark mood that Norma and I share and sort out. As above it is more frustration than depression.

Euthanasia! Yes I do agree with euthanasia. I watched my Mother suffer in pain, for many years, prescribed stronger and stronger medication. Quality of life poor to say the least. For me, Yes I would like to end my life in a controlled, dignified way. with the people who wish to be with me to say goodbye in the room, those who could not stand being in the room in a place of their choice. I know that I will more than likely be so drugged up,  I will feel nothing anyway, probably sitting on cloud 9 Temptations, Cloud 9. If you do not know about the drug induced state.  Rules would have to be put in place but a slow lingering death is not something, I think anyone would look forward to. 

I am going to BEAT THE c. Notice I never give cancer a big c, it is a little poo.

Below, is an article, which I cannot rotate, LOL. That has been published in the Manchester Evening News and some local to Manchester free sheets. Try downloading and enlarging to read. If you need further information, or would like to invite us to your place of work, get in touch and I am sure this can be arranged, have a word with HR first though.

Still the fight must go on, this is just one battle, the war is not lost.

Traa dy liooar.

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