Monday, 19 December 2011

Approaching Christmas....

My chemo effects are now wearing off, they did not effect me as much this time. Rash although there, is not as irritating as much, hair just about gone, fatigue not as noticeable, some short term memory loss, mainly around descriptive words, peoples names. Stoma bag not adhering as per the norm, cleaning skin regularly but still getting burnt skin. All in All, doing well. I made note though that I had lost 3 kilo's in weight but today my appetite has returned, with a vengeance.

Christmas and New Year, Sister and her family, got off the Isle of Man, dropped in to see me on route to Germany, brought Manx meat and presents. Good to see them. Just over a week till my Son and his Family come to stay, they are first going to London to visit my Daughter in Laws Family.

Norma and I, are having a quiet Christmas and Boxing day, excellent food and wine bought in. The 27th sees us both at 'The Christie' for me to get chemo. My appointments are quite close to each other. 08-00am Blood taken, 09-00am Doctor, Treatment booked for 12-00noon. This may mean we are out and home for 7-00pm, with luck. Home asap to meet my Son and Family.

Norma has made a nice ham and pea soup, it looks and smells great. Can't wait for our evening meal. Beats carry out. Must gain weight,Must gain weight.

Although Norma and I have bought each other some stocking filler type gifts for each other, we have bought a combined present for each other, a nespresso coffee machine, nice looking, neat, clean, efficient.

Sport, I do hope Mark Cavendish, does well in the BBC Sportsman of the year awards. Manchester United, although still not running on all cylinders, are doing better. F1 on Sky TV next year looks interesting to me. I plan to be around for the full season. LOL.

Well my Family and Friends.

Nollick Ghennal as Blein vie noa

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