Monday, 12 September 2011

Not so good news but still hope..........

CT Scan results given to us, not good, cancer tumours in my liver have increased, so this means the current chemotherapy mix, is not working, it was at the start but has become less effective. So no chemo today.

Going forward, the cancer crew are looking to get me on a trial chemotherapy but my test's have to show that I have a 'wild' gene, for me to go on the trial.

If I do not have the 'wild' gene, my prospects will be very limited, more a case of making me comfortable, than curing me.

As I said to the cancer crew, I am at peace, mentally and know that you all should know that I am still 110% Positive still Smiling and giving Respect to all, still giving BIG HUGS.

OH! I am now 59 kilos around 9st 4 lb which is excellent news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the F1 is all but finished but I still like seeing Button and Lewis and the other guy doing well. Manchester's two teams are top and doing well in the football. Mark Cavendish is doing well in 'The Tour of Britain' having won the first stage.

We had a lovely Sunday, Lunch in town with drinks and then to the Odeon to watch Jane Ayre, which was true to the book and well acted.

Holiday's starting the 23rd of September and they cannot come to soon. Happy Days.

Traa dy liooar


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