Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The past few days............................................

ASDA delivered our weekly shop on Saturday, cheerful chap delivering, Eco van being used, we have never used the service before, seems very good. Took a while to plan on the intranet, also done a complete stock take of cupboard /fridge / bathroom / washing up and cleaning stuff. TIP find you old receipts and follow on line instructions, saves a lot of time. Second order far easier to list. Norma has hardly been to shops for little bits.

My health, outside of having a face to face with my Stoma Nurse about leaks and different products, my District Nurse cleaning my line, all I can say I am getting stronger physically and mentally. Feeling almost human.

F1, getting a bit predictable, lets hope the British Race turns things around a bit.

Last Sunday Norma and I met up with my Sister Lynn and Brother in Law George for Sunday, after a bit of a gridlock in Liverpool, we drove out to Formby, for lunch. Had a lovely day with nice people.

Holly has been a bit moody this week, attentive and behaved one day and a right pest the next, then she feels sorry for herself. With some help from our good neighbours, we have constructed and painted Holly a kennel, next week we are putting letters on the kennel, Norma is getting some letters from a Lady at work, we are personalising her kennel with her name ECT. LOL.

The decorating in the house is moving along, slowly but surly.

I have spent a lot of time in the garden, fell over on a little 3 legged collapsible stool, had to laugh after I hauled myself up. Enjoying the nice weather and the fresh air. Garden is looking great. Nice to be out and having a chat with the neighbours, really nice crowd.

lately, I have been buying some items off the net, not only ASDA, EBAY, I  bought a watch from China, still to arrive, Black linen Suit arrived and good, Silk Shirt from Thailand silk and very nice. I have ordered a DVD (Reservoir Dogs) and an album by Caro Emerald, her latest album being  ‘Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor’. the Lady has an individual style I would call it pre-sixties, a bit of Latin and 20s 30s, really nice, makes you swing with the rhythm.

I am enjoying what I see of Wimbledon and while writing this Andy Murray the great player FROM SCOTLAND is doing his nation proud.

Roll on the Tour de France and that great cyclist and MANX MAN Mark Cavendish will win a few stages I am sure come on SUPER CAV. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a bit of news's about others having health issues, My Daughter in Law spent Tuesday in hospital having a small operation. My Son Richard has kidney stones and spent some time in the same hospital, an Old friend Ian has been flown from the Island to the Liverpool Eye Hospital with a torn retainer. let us all send get well soon vibes to all the people in the world who are not 100%.

Big Hugs, Love and Peace,Smile a Mile to you all.

Slaynt vie! 

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