Monday, 4 October 2010

Back home again.

Well here I go again, been back home a few days now.

  • Feeling a lot stronger than the last time I was released from hospital.

  • Lost a lot of weight but getting it back on slowly.
Spent some time again in hospital, low blood pressure and infections not helped by my low immune system , my drainage bags are also causing issue, the one from my rear end is uncomfortable when I sit. The two attached to my stoma and drain site are close together and keep leaking, now that I am walking more and more, also weight gain is not helping the bags issue.

Never mind, I am alive and getting stronger.

I have a number of goal's set for myself

  1. Be strong enough to walk to a bus stop and get on a bus.
  2. Get back to work.
  3. Meet up with Family, Friends & all.
These will all happen, I know and I will not overdo things, as if you do then you will expect some setbacks.

I have to Thank Norma, not only does and always has looked after my every need while at home and in hospital but my Mood Swings have and are major, Norma is always caring, I have put here through one hell of a time, Love you lots. XXX

This week is a busy one for me, Dieticians (Monday) Nurses (Tuesday & Friday) Stoma Nurse (Thursday) and who knows what else will be thrown at me. Next week trip to see my consultant on the afternoon of the 13th to see what the current plans are.

At this time I have not been to see my Cancer Specialist at the Christie for some time and do not know if I am clear of Cancer, lets just hope that the guys have cut it all out.

My Sister is hitting a small landmark birthday this coming weekend and has invited us over to attend her parties but at this time I think travel by boat or plane back yo the Isle of Man is a bit to much for me. My Sister is having an operation next month in Liverpool and I hope to be there for her and my Brother in Law as much as they have for me.

Those of you that have sent, cards, emails, entries on Facebook I thank you all. I know I have been in you thoughts and prayers.

While in hospital I lost a few friends old and new Les from Rochdale who was in the bed opposite me. and Rolland from my Lodge (Brother Freemason). Rolland helped me a lot and will be missed by all. Cancer is cruel.

The guys at work and the Company are all supportive and I hope to pay them a visit soon, maybe as early as this coming Wednesday but time will tell.

Well I hope to keep my blog going on a more regular footing going forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Smile a Mile and Love to you all.

Traa dy liooar


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle, good to see youre getting stronger. You are always in my thoughts and i look forward to a time when i can get over and see you. Love you loads David.

pete said...

Brilliant to hear you're back home again. I found I felt 100% better just being there. (My home obviously, not yours).
Have checked your blog daily in hope of good news and am so happy it's finally come.
All the very best
Pete (we met at the Christie) Smith