Saturday, 17 July 2010

latest up-date

I'am in hospital again, 17/07/10.
Norma has written the below from a diary she has kept. I do not remember the half of it. Up-Dates soon.

Adrian XXX

3rd July

Nice day today (would say a normal day but not sure what normal is any more !!) Dim Sum for Tea.

2nd July

All the promised backup/help came into place today! Support Worker Team Leader did a final check on what equipment we needed and is going to arrange it for us she also outlined the help her team will provide. The District Nurse called got herself up to date with what Adrian had been through and set the time table for her team. The time table will be - Support Workers 2 vists per day and thedrian District Nurses Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

1st July

Adrian rang at 9.45 to say he was being discharged. At 2.00pm I hadn't heard anything so at 2.15 I rang the ward and was told he would be ready in an hour. Got the the Hospital at 3.30 but was still waiting at 4.30 ( how can it take nearly 7 hours to discharge a patient !) I was shocked to see that he still had the same dressings on that were there when I dropped him off yesterday, not very hygienic !!!

30th June

Ms Shetty had another word with the Nurses, she is going to speak to Mr Sherlock regarding discharging Adrian tomorrow. I am worried as another wound started leaking and it didnt have a dressing on, I had to improvise. Adrian seems to be eating better but does seem to be very tired.

29th June.

Ms Shetty was very angry that the nurses had cancelled every thing and stopped Adrian from being discharged tomorrow. He point was that if he was so ill they should have called a doctor, and the blood pressure machine was faulty ! I got to bring Adrian home for the night but had to get him back for 8 am.

28th June

Took Adrian back to the ward in time for the ward round. The nurses think there is poo in the wound discharge which would mean a leak from hiw bowel ( very serious) also his blood pressure is very low so they have decided he can't come home never mind be discharged. He is so angry !! I have asked to see one of the senior doctors tomorrow to find out exacty whats happening.

27th June

What a day ! at least we know we can cope - his right hand wound burst and the dressing couldn't cope so we had to use a stoma bag !

26th June

Adrian came home for the week-end and we did the garden.

25th June

Gave Adrian the moisturising treatment today before I took him back to the hospital for 11.30, I went in to work for the afternoon and collected him at 6.00pm.

24th June

The Doctor said Adrian needed a blood transfusion but in the end he didn't need one ! Got a lesson in stoma care and Adrian was allowed home for the night. Edward came down and helped move the bed downstairs. We coped well I think.

23rd June

Adrian seems ok today Ms Shetty says perhaps he can come home on Monday.He still has a drain in and I really do thinks we need to know whats causing the discharges and stop them rather than cope with them ! BUT I'm not a doctor.

22nd June

Received an email to say Adrian can come home on Friday so I have arranged to have Friday and the next two weeks off work as holiday. He had a scan which showed an collection of puss so they put a tube in, so Friday could be off. Adrian was told to walk around to help clear the pelvic area but on the positive side she didn't prescribe anti-biotics.

21st June

The equipment Adrian will need when he comes home was delivered today. He has a CT scan booked for tomorrow. The Physio is also going to try him on stairs.

20th June

Adrian allowed home from 12 to 8 today

19th June

Lynn and George called on their way to France on holiday. Adrian was home from 12.30 to 8 he stood up on his own and walked to the bathroom. What a difference a week makes.

18th June

Got a Wheelchair from the Red Cross today which gives us more freedom coming and going to the hospital.
Lynn and George called they are going on holiday tomorrow. Adrian seems much better in himself.

17th June

The Occupational therapist called to the house today to asses things and see what we need for when Adrian comes home. She is going to order a special chair. Adrian needs potassium every day.

16th June

They let Adrian out for the afternoon so we went to Pennington Flash and fed  the ducks. Had McDonalds for  tea !

15th June

Brought Adrian home for the afternoon he seems a bit more mobile than he did on Sunday ! Had to get Kenny to help me get him to the car.

13th June

They let me bring Adrian home for the afternoon picked him up at 1 and took him back at 8 pm. Had to get Paul and Jamie to help me get him out of the chair and into the car as he is so weak.

12th June

Adrian walked to the bathroom and have a shave on his own. We got to go into the hospital rose garden, the first time he has left the hospital building for 8 weeks !!!

11th June

Adrian had beens ick  before I got there for afternoon visiting. He is very unhappy feeling very sick and not wanting to speak only sleep.(Memory of week 1 when it all went wrong ) need to keep positive 2 steps forward 1 back = 1 forward.

10th June

Bought a dongle today so the Adrian can use the Lap top. He's very chirpy today on Facebook and sending emails.He had some cherries today , they went straight through him so they are going on the list of things not to eat.

9th June

Adrian still eating, Had all his dressings changes today looking ok. Passed some blood but the nurse said it was the infection clearing and nothing to worry about. Adrian wants his Lap top as " he needs contact with the outside world"

8th June

Adrian so much beeter today. Eating more and seems hungey. The took the drain from his bum toda as Christian says all it is doing is making him uncomfortable.

7th June

Adrian saw the consultant today and he said Ade had turned the corner and they are happy that he doesn't need another Operation. Adrian is quite chirpy today but his nurse thinks he ill still be in for about another month !

6th June

Adrian is still depressed, perhaps once he knows if he needs another operation he will feel better.

5th June

Spoke to Adrian this morning and he gave me a shopping list. But not very receptive when I got there this afternoon.

4th June

Adrian seemed a bit better this afternoon they have told him that if his temperature doesn't stabilise he will have to have another operation to clean out his pelvic area.

3rd June

Another CT scan today which showed still more infection. He got very distressed asking them to leave it till tomorrow as they wanted to put another drain in. "We"  managed to convince him to let the drain go in. When he came out he was as high as a kite and had everyone singing "The Frog Song" what a man.

2nd June

Christian got the scan results and they decided to put a catheta in his bum and a drain in his tummy, the catheta worked so well they didn't need to put the drain in his tummy.Adrian had a "Turn" burning up then freezing cold and shaking. Stephen in the bed opposite realised what was happening and got the nurse who sorted things.

1st June

I went bak to work (mornings only) Adrian is still very down, he went for a CT scan at 6pm but it was broken, during visiting they repaired it so took him down again ! I hate these things as every time they scan him they seem to find something else !!!!

31st May

Visited at 2pm today as Richard and Kyle are going home. Alan and Bounta visited his at 3 just as we were leaving, It was strange leaving him with someone else. While we were talking it came out the Adrian didn't realise he has had 2 operations.

30th May

Adrian seemed a bit better this afternoon he had shaved and washed his hair. This evening he was very snappy, its like a helter skelter !!!!

29th May

Adrian was very down today the nurse thinks its because he is getting better and is starting to realise whats happened to him.

28th May

Gary and Paul visited today with a card and goodies. Richard and Kyle came today he was so pleased to see them. He is still a bit down and demanding to go to the I've spoken to Debbie who is going to tell him why he needs to be in North Manchester General.

27th May

Mailed Debbie today asking to make me an appointment with Mr Sherlock so that I could find out what happened last saturday. Spoke to Christian who assuered me that verything is ok  and that what they found last saturday was only post op fluid so didn't need flushing and that he was pleased with Adrian's progress.But he still has a long way to go there are small pockets of infection but not large enough to put a drain in.

26th May

Adrian still very emotional but cares about his appearance. He walked half the lenght of the ward. They gave him a nebuliser as they think his chest is crackling.

25th May

Adrian was quite perky today, back-chatting with the Physio, but she gave as good as she got which is good. He asked for exercises for his upper-arm he has also started to ask for food from home.

24th May

Spoke to Debbie about what happened at the week-end, she said the "Team" didn't know anything about it so she is going to investigate ! The Vac dressing has been removed and there is now a  pack dressing. Took Adrian his mobile is so he can keep in touch.

23rd May

Adrian very anxious as he is expecting more pain when he has the enema managed to calm him down I think. They are having a meeting about him tomorrow.

22nd May

Adrin's scan showed a "Well" of infection a 2nd registrar realised that it was in his rectum and wouldn't clear so he decided to clear it, no anaesthetic, no removal of stitches, the pain he was in was excruciating !! They are going to give an enema tomorrow.

21st May

Lynn and George came today Adrian was pleased to see them. He was moved to B5 today and had a CT scan at  6pm My heart stops when he has these as heaven knows what they will find.Adrian has a Kebab for his tea !!! The Surgeons had a round today and were very pleased with him.

20th May

Adrian was out of bed and in PJ's rather than a Gown. The guy in the next bed had a Roast Pork dinner so Adrian had one and enjoyed it. He stood up today with a frame and got himself in and out of bed. No bed on B5 so maybe tomorrow

19th May

The Sister thinks she will move Adrian to B5 tomorrow and will get Outreach Nurses to visit him regularly. Emotionally he's still not to good.

18th May

Adrian still making progress they are talking about him going to a main ward soon.

17th May

Adrian much better today he got the nurse to ring me and ask me to bring his DSLite ! They have added Crisps, flat fizzy drinks and bananas to his diet for potassium and salt. The Sister knew nothing about another scan.

16th May

Adrian saw the Doctor today his new drain has come out and she wants to do a scan and then put it back !!

15th May

The Doctor came round today and left Adrian feeling very sore. They got him out of bed today

14th May

Adrian was having some clips out today. The head of ICU came and spent some time with him and explained that how he was feeling is normal for someone who has gone through as much as he has.

13th May

Adrian is very very emotional I did him fillet steak in tomato for his tea and he ate it so he is at least eating again.

12th May

His scan showed a collection of infection so he had another drain put in which has left he depressed again. Spoke to Lynne Faulds - Wood today ( from Lynns Bowel Cancer Charity) what a fantastic lady so patient and understanding. She listened to everything that has happened and offered to help in anyway she can.

11th May

We had a meeting with Debbie and the Sister in HDU who all Adrians Treatment/Tests/Results. Adrian is now fighting people and things rather than just letting it happen.Adrina is getting a blood transfusion he also had a scan today AND Chips for Tea.

10th May

Adrian has a good nights sleep, Met Julie the Stoma nurse and will meet her again on Wednesday she is going to get an update from a doctor. Adrian was very tired but the nurses say he has had a rough day but is ok.

9th May

I rang the hospital at 7.15 and Adrian has had a good night, he sent a message with a request for his lunch. He seems more mobile and less bloated, They have taken blood samples for analysis. He has Ice Lolly mania !!

8th May

Adrian is down as no time scale for anything, so nothing to aim for.

7th May

Adrian out of bed this afternoon but is so sore when they move him I could cry. He is so unsure that we will manage when he comes home (of course we can) His body swelling seems to be going down. He saw Mr Sherlock this morning to discuss his diet.

6th May

Adrian was out of bed when I got there at 2.00pm and stayed up till 6.30. He had a roast pork dinner ! He was very tired by 7.45 so I left early.

5th May

Adrian was depressed today they have just told him that his stoma will be permanent ! He was insisting on moving to the Alex, Mr Sherlock called to see him and convinced him he has to stay in the North Manchester,  he seems to have accepted this. I saw all his scars and bags today (think they were testing me)

4th May

Adrian was moved to HDU today his fluid retention is really improving. Lynn went home today.

3rd May

Adrian out of bed again today. His fluid retention seems to be improving.

2nd May

Adrian was sitting in a chair today, this evening he demanded that the Doctor sorted out his morphine as "it was his life they were dealing with !" Good to see him fighting.

1st May

Richard and Lynn have arrive from the IOM to see Adrian. Hewas in an induced coma when we arrived. They say it will probably last 24/48 hours. At 2.30 I got a call from the hospital to say he had woken up naturally. So we went back to the hospital to see him - What a Man !!

30th April

I got a phone call at 8 am this morning on my way to work to say I should go to the hospital as Adrian needed an emergency 2nd operation as his bowel was blocked and they needed to remove some more. He went to theatre at 11.30 am. I got a call at 1 am to say he was in ICU and stable.

29th April

Adrian still not happy says he is in pain and sleeping a lot.

28th April

Adrian on morphine for the pain.

27th April

Adrian moved back to B5, he is still anxious but that could be the morphine.

26th April

Adrian still in HDU and quite distressed.

25/24/23 April

Adrian in HDU

22nd April

Adrian's operation today, they took him to HDU afterwards as per normal.


Sarah said...

Hi Adrian & Norma,

So brave of you to put this up and share your experiences.

Smile a mile Mr xxx

eril said...

hang in there man, seems quite a rollercoaster from norma's diary. hope you will be on top again soon