Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Diary of forthcoming events.

Well it look's like I am coming down the home straight and into the final furlong.

I have a number of confirmed dates for test's and treatments with just a couple of dates to fill in, these are all bellow.

My numb hands and legs / feet are frustrating me but not stopping me from doing things, I still manage a PC with no problem, just a little slower. I have managed a bit of spade work, planted a tree this morning, another willow, this one has orange bark in the winter, so a nice bit of colour. I am still doing my work and except for appointments am not missing and days but the time is coming perhaps in the next fortnight that I will have to stop working full time, I am not sure and only time will tell if my treatments and test's will tire me out to much.

I am finding that I start the day full of energy but by four o'clock  am flagging a bit, need to sit and rest from then on.

Right, my diary;

Waiting for dates for MRI scan and another Endoscope, not looking forward to the camera up the bum again.

MRI scan  19th April 13:30 The Christie.

Endoscope 8th of April 17:00 (NMGH)

CT scan  on the 30th of March @ 09:15 (North Manchester General Hospital)

Radiotherapy Planning Scan on the 30th of March @  11:45 this will take till around 15:00 and is at The Christie.

Then it is Radiotherapy treatment on the 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th April .

Pre-Opp appointment on the 16th of April from 13:00 onwards.

Admission into North Manchester General Hospital, ward B5, morning of the 21st of April.

Operation due 22nd April sometime.

I believe the radiotherapy can cause fatigue and the camera I know from experience leaves me in a right mess and the toilet area if I do not make it in time.  Ha Ha  :o)

Moving on Manchester United won last night, they are on top again after playing the same amount of games, only by a point. Jensen Button / McLaren won the F1 in Australia this morning and with an outside chance Carlise United may win a trophy at Wembley today.

A friend called Pete wrote a nice comment on the last blog update, it helped me quite a bit hearing from someone who is ahead of me on the Cancer Journey. thank you, Pete and I hope you are doing well to.

Traa dy liooar

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