Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Friend and the start of my Chemo.

Tuesday the 11th of October 2009 up-date entry.
Slept with my pump in a sock, clipped onto pyjama top, bit restless but a fairly good nights sleep.
Just had a bout of pins and needles in my hands, my own fault stood outside getting fresh air and did not allow for the slight chill in the air, learnt my lesson, just came in warmed up, pins and needles went a quick as they came. No other side effects at the moment, just a bit tired or is that bored, no sickness and hair still on my head. Still slight lisp with the new false tooth (that is for you Kayleigh, got to keep you aware). LOL
Going into work today just a bit of admin to catch up on, nothing to hard, hopefully little contact with to many people, as I have my pump on and these young girls just throw themselves at me all the time, life is tough when you are a babe magnet, I can tell you. LOL.
Good news from N'Ireland all positive and going good.
I forgot to update you all on Norma and her trip on the stairs, all is well bruised ego only, (I must hide the trip wire better next time, any good tips anyone).
Traa dy liooar.
Monday the 10th of October 2009 entry.

We are not long back from 'The Christie' and my first intake of chemo.

My line is in my chest quite easy, local anesthetic, stitches, tube into artery.

Chemo, loads of bags of gunk, then a pump in last for the final delivery over the next 46 hours.

I am feeling OK at the moment, had a couple of warm flushes not long ago and my throat was a bit tender, I have had a few drinks of pop and I have cooled down and my throat is feeling better, I have just realised that I have not had a normal intake of fluid today, a lot less than normal, so I must learn to drink a lot more, flush out my system and keep a high fluid level. Drinks must not be overly hot nor cold. Must not lift heavy objects or exercise the upper part of my body while the line is in.

Another rule is if I do not feel well, I contact 'The Christie' let them know, night or day and everything must be caught early, no playing the hero and putting up with it, things will get worse and very rapidly, must also stay away from ill people, they are a danger to me.

Spoke to my First Wife tonight, she like a number of others we share our Love with, are having a bad time with more cancer, lets stay positive.

Love to all, XXX

Traa dy liooar

Sunday the 9th of October 2009 entry.
My thoughts are with everyone in N' Ireland and those who I am sure are in Belfast now, that come from Glasgow, others from the Isle of Man, you know why and I know you will be strong and positive. Love to you all.

Tomorrow, Monday See's the start of my Chemo treatment. I have been getting tired this last week, not sure why, probably stress, even though I feel like I am dealing with all of it OK, perhaps I am not, it has been a week of bad news and bombshells, some of which I cannot talk about as it relates to people who are close to me but it is not my place to disclose information.

The chemo, being a bit of a control freak I am unsure of how I feel, I do not know how my body will react, I know it is life threatening, the treatment but after all so is the cancer and the chemo is all about doing something about the cancer, it will not cure it but hopefully it may extend my life and give me a certain quality. You never know and we live in hope that it may shrink, destroy or whatever, enough tumours, cells etc that I can be cured. Who knows. I will fight the fight.

I should have plenty of time to do my blog as long as I am awake enough, I am also planning to go to work as much as possible and as long as I am not a Health and Safety issue. LOL.

I was speaking to Norma last night and I had allowed issues to get me down a bit but I have shaken that off now and feel positive.

Tomorrow, I get a central Line inserted into my chest, then chemo pumped into me for 2 days. Wednesday the nurse comes around cleans me up then in two weeks we start all over again. Lovely.

Traa dy liooar.

Love to all especially those in N'Ireland and those who are thinking about those in Belfast.

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