Friday, 14 August 2009


I am not long up from my bed, it has been a bad night, broken sleep, feeling drained, this is an expected side effect of the chemo and I will just have to get used to it, I have found that drinking water and the like is helping, it must help flush the chemo through the system.

Today Friday, I am delaying going into work as I am not sure how tired I am at the moment and whether I would be a risk at work, I do not think I would be but not willing to take the chance.

Sorry if I am rambling here just getting out my jumbled thoughts. I am slowly drinking my coffee and trying to come around.

I have been going into work and in my mind doing a good job, my Teams work is up-to date and most of them are working hard for me.

I had a real high at work yesterday, one of the team went from part time to full time and I enjoyed giving them a payslip, I know the extra will make a difference and bring some happiness.

Something that I am having to comment on here is discrimination in the work place, due to disability, NOT WHERE I WORK I hasten to point out but I was talking to someone yesterday who in past employment had been treated poorly due to an ailment, I am happy that the Company I work for is a fair employer, there are some bad ones out there.

OH! my nurses on Wednesday, bit of a mix up meant that I had 4 ladies visit me, all very nice and supportive, all did a great job. Poor Norma though had to drive over to 'The Cristie' to pick up the missing items and this was at rush hour.

I am unsure what is happening in N'Ireland and if one of the lads would up-date me I would be thankful, I know you have a lot on your plates and my thoughts are with you all, keep up the good work. It will work out.

A number of people at work are supporting me with prayer, I am not a religious person, I do believe in helping my fellow mankind but do not have a title to my personal beliefs. I do really though appreciate the care that these people are showing to me and I am listening and accepting their meanings, I know you are all there for me. Bless you.

Norma, is really looking after me 100% and I really love her. It is not an easy task looking after me both mentally and physically at the moment and we do have moments of concern but it is really down to how we care for each other and the upset the Cancer and its treatments are bringing. Norma is the best.

Love you Norma. XXX

Traa dy liooar.

Sorry for rambling..........................................

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