Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wednesday and home to more tests, watch out furry animals.

Well I am home from work with more news.

I received a call while at work from Preston Royal Infirmary, they have managed to fit me in for a PET scan this will happen at about 10:30 tomorrow, I have informed the lady that I do not have any pets and if I did i would not have them housed where the sun don't shine. LOL.

Please send all jokes to my email and yes I know about the Pet Shop Boys and the hamsters.

Better still when I got home, letter behind the door with an appointment for another MRI scan, I rang up and questioned the MRI scan as I had one on the 19th of June. the lady informed me that that investigated my colon and this one just like the PET scan is focusing on my liver only. They need to see just how damaged my liver is. This scan is on Friday and if it is like the last one is a bit of a long day, both tests give warnings of long waits and bring music and a book.

Other than that Mark Cavendish is still in the green jersey after a 3rd place today, GO ON MATE, DO IT FOR US MANXIES!

Traa dy liooar

Love and peace,

I hope you get time to play the tribute to Michael Jackson piece.

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