Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Good People, New Test's, Mark Cavendish.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who in many different ways are helping Norma and I along this journey, special mentions to Norma's Family who rallied round at the weekend to give us a good time.

Top mention though has to go to Angus and Susan who Norma and I have never met but whom we rent a property from in Cortes de la Frontera, without any word from ourselves they have made sure we do not lose out on our holiday, they are going to slide our holiday dates to make sure we do not miss out. I have written at length way back last September in the blog about our visits and if you fancy seeing the real Spain and staying in a lovely property, you would be hard to beat a stay at La Pina follow this link http://www.holiday-spain.biz/index.htm Thank you again Angus and Susan...........

Today, I received a call at work from a lady. The lady is from Christies the Cancer Hospital, who informed me that they had a long waiting list for the second CT scan that I require to clarify the issue that I have with my liver, they offered an earlier appointment a bit further afield in Preston where the waiting list is a bit shorter, I have taken this appointment, anything to speed up the solution to my problem.

I wish things would hurry up..................................

Mark Cavendish is MANX, MANX, MANX a British Islander NOT ENGLISH just like the Bee Gee's were not born in Manchester THEY ARE BORN MANX!

Mark Cavendish is at this time wearing the green jersey in the Tour de France, GO MARK GO, he will not win the tour but lets hope he wins the GREEN JERSEY!http://www.markcavendish.com/

Finally thank you all again for your kindness but especially Angus and Susan http://www.holiday-spain.biz/index.htm

Traa dy liooar.

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