Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BRING IT ON! plus Saturday update.

Saturday Morning 'update on the week'

I visited the Dentist on Friday, Mike is a friend and I thank him very much for all that he is doing. One of my front teeth is coming out and I am going to have a new tooth fitted in.

It has been about 18 years or so since I have been to a dentist, wow have they improved from what I knew, space age technology, Mike is a fantastic dentist and he insists on being an NHS dentist, one of the best.

Mike's practice is outside of Rochdale in a little village and I traveled by train there and back, lovely village and a nice trip.

Thank you again Mike.


I have got my head around my visit to 'The Christie'

My visit to 'The Christie'

I arrived for my appointment in plenty of time, I normally try to turn up for all my appointments up to an hour early, quite often I pick up some time due to a 'no show'. i never understand people who do not turn up for appointments, especially if the issue is life threatening.

Well I had to have a drink of iodine based stuff, which I am growing quite fond off, all the nurses think i am mad as everyone else thinks the stuff is rotten. LOL.

I had another CT scan and they marked me ready for my radiotherapy, I have three small tattoo's one on either hip and the other at the base of my back just between my bottom cheek's, or just marking my 'builders bum'. The tattoo's are very small, size of pen tip, it did not hurt they were just like scratches, no after effects at all.

Then I had to meet up with I think a Doctor, who seemed a bit distracted, I do not want to say anything about this but it did get me a bit down.

Norma called my Cancer Carer in the afternoon to seek clarification of what information I had been given. The Carer was in meetings but called Norma back first thing this morning.

The Cancer Carer, listened to Norma and gave clarification of what I should have been told.

So, I will be getting both Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy at the same time, this is normal in this situation, Colon Cancer primary and liver Cancer secondary. I can expect side effects, from Vomiting, tiredness, being made sterile, bladder weakness. I have warned Norma that may be we should think about me freezing some sperm in case we want children when we get into our 70s. So I have a Tupperware container and a place in the deep freeze ready Oh and a Turkey baster.

The Cancer Carer has also said that a holiday would do us all good so time to start seeing what can be arranged.

Last night, I was lay in bed when I heard a loud bang, it was Norma falling down the stairs, I swear Norma was still bouncing when I got to her, I can still move like lightening. LOL.

Traa dy liooar

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