Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Update on the Liver specialist visit. Wednesday the 22nd of July 2009.

Up-date on the below.

Spoke to my liver consultant who informed me that I will have a second operation as the damaged liver is a bit away from the colon cancer so the would would be a bit too big. He says that about 50% of my liver will be removed, which is good, as you can lose over 75% and be OK. He says that I should have a full 100% liver about 3 months after the liver, Excellent result in my book, on this. Another thing he was saying is that he advises that I should refrain from alcohol which I will definitely do from know on, I enjoy a Gin and Tonic and an occasional cider but hey I can enjoy a coke just as much, to be honest if pubs sold chilled milk, that would be good, I enjoy bars that sell coffee, cheaper than drink and more sociable.

Christies; I was in receipt of an appointment for tattoos for the 28th of July 09 but came home today to find that I have an other appointment on Monday the 3rd of August 09, I am a bit unclear about what is going to happen, not sure if this is the start of my radiotherapy or just a planning meeting.

I do know now that I am going to start getting more treatment than tests from now on, which is a great feeling, I have had my pain killing medication changed today and hope that even this will make my life a lot easier.

I was speaking to Norma after speaking to to the liver specialist but while waiting for some bloods to be taken and pointed out that this consultant is the first non nurse to have actually touched me, he felt out my abdominal / stomach area, everything else that has been done to me has been done by machinery, CT, MRI and PET scanners etc.

Something a bit deep that Norma also said that is 'if you get cancer, there is no better place to have it than in Manchester' Norma is so right, there is a wealth of specialist's in Manchester with probably the best cancer hospital in Europe, possibly one of the best in the world, I really feel fortunate.


Earlier in the day post, pre- going to the hospital.

Well today is the day I hopefully find out the extent of the damage to my Liver, the appointment with my consultant is around noon but will probably be a lot later as the appointments appear to always be late in running, which I am not complaining about, due to once you get in there is no time to how long you have with your consultant, they will patiently sit and answer all your questions and go into whatever detail you require in regards to your condition.

I am expecting to have some of my liver removed (well that will sort out a meal for later on) but how much that will be removed I do not know at this time but I will update you all later.

After the appointment at North Manchester General, Norma and I are going to Christies, this is more for a recce rather than an appointment, I will be visiting Christies 5 days a week for 6 weeks and need to understand the route so I can get to and from appointments quickly, this is important to me as I intend to try to reduce the impact on my work.

Work, is something I have not covered off for quite sometime, everyone in work is being very supportive, even though I find some people cannot talk to me for very long, which I fully understand, a lot of people like me a bit and it is upsetting to them to see me in trouble but I still know they care. I get more hugs now from people in work and outside than I have had in my life and I have discovered I like it. Going into work is a pleasure my whole perspective has changed, I used to get very frustrated if things were not going well, now I believe although others will say this is not right but I believe that I am a bit calmer, I still like to get things done ASAP and not put thing on a back burner which can give the impression that I am running around out of control but I can assure all that I am just focused on getting the job done and out of the way.

Mark Cavendish (The Manx Missile) was robbed in the Tour de France, what a swizz. i hope he gets the Paris points though.

I hope Mr Button's new add on's to his car bring him back to winning form this weekend and that Mr Hamilton's fortunes change, what a year he is having.

What about the weather, what happened to summer, Oh I really do need some sun on my back and Spain is oh so tempting......

I see the Bee Gee's were made freemen of Douglas, Isle of Man last week, nice touch.

The sun has come out for a minute so .............

Traa dy liooar

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