Wednesday, 20 May 2009

20th, 21st and 22nd of May 2009 continued.

Up-date 22nd of May.

My Health; Time to tell what happened at the hospital. I must admit at this time I feel physically and mentally drained and still in quite a bit of discomfort.

Right I will tell you about the camera up the bum and how they do it but first of all, they found abnormal growths and I am waiting the results, which I will know about next Thursday after I have seen my Doctor at 08:50.

The procedure is,

  1. Night before, you take two brown bombers that should clear your bowels.
  2. Two hours before your appointment, put an enema up your bum wait for as long as possible then go to the toilet for a good clean out.
  3. Get to the hospital for your appointment.
  4. You then have a nurse take you into a room, you get changed into smock, dressing gown and paper undies.
  5. You are then taken into the operating theatre, you lie on your left hand side, with 5 ladies and a male doctor looking at your bum.
  6. The doctor sticks his finger up your bum with lubricant on it.
  7. You then get a camera with attachments inserted, you can see what is going on inside you on the TV in front of you.
  8. The nurses, keep you calm and talk to you.
  9. The camera goes up inside you, air and I think water are added, the air makes you constantly pass wind, the nurse who is behind you wipes whatever comes out.
  10. The doctor takes small pieces away via a cutting tool attached to the camera so that the tests can be made.
  11. The camera is taken out, a great relief, it is uncomfortable rather than sore.
  12. The doctor then sits down with you and explains the procedure and findings.
  13. You then go to a recovery ward, have a cup of tea, I realise now that you should be ready to go to the toilet in a hurry.
  14. I did not quite make the toilet in time and am very thankful to Mark the nurse who tidied up after me, he says that it is quite normal and not to be embarrassed.

I apologise to anyone who has just read this and found it too graphic but to be honest I wish someone had shown me the ropes before I went through this new experience.


21st of May 2009.
I am off work for a couple of days, not really slept well, both mentally and physically feeling a bit low. Mixture of pain and not enough sleep, I am thinking too much and do not know if being on my own at home is a good thing. bottom line is knowing that I have something wrong but not 100% sure what is going on.

I am going to make myself busy, do some work from home preparing 1-2-1's and coaching plans, need to get myself out so going to go up to B&Q for a walk and buy some Jeyes fluid, this is for the garden, I had a problem and lost an Azalea bush that had cost over £25.00 to buy, after buying a new one and getting a bit of advice from a gentleman, I am lead to believe that I may have weevils, so to stop the problem I have to treat the soil with Jeyes to kill off any infestation, I am sure this must be breaking the law in someway and that the greens who read my log will kick off, but get over it, some of the old ways are best. LOL.

While I am in an 'I don't care' mood, I have a good friend called Ted (Eddy) O'Sullivan who is heavily involved with the BNP, yes I know what you probably think but he is my mate and he is a sound guy. We all have the right to free speech and free thinking. Well Ted may soon be either an MP or with luck a Euro MP have a look at the BNP website and make your own decision's, I do not in my mind find myself in line with the BNP mainly due to the fact that I do not consider myself to be English, British. I am Manx and very proud, yes a Manx Nationalist and I do have strong feelings about the influx of people from other nations that now outnumber the native people, but to say that how many non-Spanish people now populate countries like Spain. I for one will be a problem in relation to being an outsider in a small village in years to come but do hope that I can mix into the community, learn the language, bring in some value, help the community and not be seen as a scrounger who tries to change the native culture. I feel that the BNP are trying to keep a national identity, get bad press and sometimes I think they would benefit by re-inventing themselves as the media and other political groups have manipulated the public perception of the party. I do think by looking at the Euro literature dropping through my mail box that all the other political parties are worried about the support that the BNP appear to getting amongst the voters. May I point out I do support multi - cultured societies and am in no way homophobic, I can be a bit UN-PC at times but when I was a lad.................LOL

Traa dy liooar.

20th of May 2009.

Isle of Man;

Well our trip that we were keeping quiet about went well, I perhaps did not spend as much time with My Son and Daughter in Law and the Grand Children as I could have done but to be honest I was in quite a bit of pain and really tired, to say that I slept well.

Norma and I stayed with My Sister Lynn and her Husband George, excellent host's, My Niece Jeanette and family, also looked after us well.

We did go out with my Son Richard and his Wife Charlotte and visited a couple of pubs in Onchan, it was good to see a few faces that I had not seen in a long time one of which was Linda Cauldfield who I have known since my early teens, Linda is also known as Little Miss Dynamite and cannot half bang out a good song.

My Health; Well today See's me heading off to get the camera up me bum to see what is going on in my bowel area, I took a couple of brown bombers last night and am looking forward to taking my Micro - Enema in a couple of hours. I am hopeful that the hospital can provide me with a DVD of the event and this will be available on You Tube. LOL. I will post any results later providing I am in a fit state. It would be nice to feel that I am getting better or that I at least know what the problem is and that I know what is happening, it has been a long haul since last October and at times I get really down but I do try to remember there are a lot of people who must be worse than me.

Update; I have abnormal growths, so looks like a bit more treatment. NOT HAPPY :O(

Sport; Manchester United win the Premiership for the 18th time, good on the lad's. I spent the match in the company of my Son Richard and Grand Son Kyle, this in itself was a great experience, which I thought in itself was one of the high point's of my visit to the Isle of Man. Well the Formula 1 hits Monaco this weekend this is always a spectacle to remember, lets hope for a good British show. Button is doing well and I am very happy for the lad.

I hope that Glasgow Rangers clinch the SPL and do Celtic. I look forward to a year that Manchester United win the English, Rangers win the SPl and Linfield win the Irish.

Holidays; Only 86 days till we get on the plane out to Spain for a 2 week break in Cortes de la Frontera watch this video of the village you will see why we like it. Bring it on. Retirement cannot come soon enough.

Our plan of Retiring to Spain; A lot of press coverage is being given over to the Brit's coming back from Spain, well I have an opinion about this.

If you go to Spain and want to live in a ghetto on a housing estate and speak only English, you will get effected by the cost of the Pound against the Euro.

In my mind and hopefully practice, we plan to live in a small village Cortes de la Frontera, that has everything that the community needs, little hospital, small shops and a Mini Supermarket, regular street markets, fresh air etc. Imagine and as an example, bottle of water on the cost 1 euro the same in the mountains or inland 50 cents. no contest.

Also people go for walks outside the village and pick berries, almonds, oranges, lemons etc. I plan to grow Peppers, Tomatoes all of this helps pensioners make ends meet. something those Brits on the coast do not seem to understand or wish to do, quite often the Coastal Brits think they have something to prove and that the Spanish need to change, I am sorry but I feel that if you are fortunate to be able to move to another country to live you should respect that country, it traditions, culture and language and try as much as you can to assist in the culture surviving.

One this about Cortes de la Frontera is that they fiercely protect their identity, even from other villages in the area, the village decided not to sell the cork tree's to a council and are now reaping the benefits.

Traa dy liooar

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, ur no having a very good time at the minute r u. Hope everything goes well for you. Must have been good to see the family. I wish I hadn't read ur in depth details about ur wee procedure. I've got to go through something similar on 8th june. Shitting myself LOL. Take it easy keep in touch Peter