Sunday, 5 April 2009

Well did you...............

Well did you back the 100-1 winner of the Grand National? I remember when i was a Bookie i would not have been happy till I knew that all the bets had been worked out and I knew my total pay-out till I would sigh in relief if we only had a couple of thousand to pay out on the winner, the placed horses always take a lot out of the pot as well. I wish all well who still in the game, whichever side of the counter you chose to be on.

Lewis Hamilton is having a rough ride at the start of the season this year but good luck to another home grown lad Mr Button.

Manchester United are making things rough for themselves, lets hope they get there act together this week.

I have been in a lot of discomfort this week health wise but am sure after a few tests starting this coming Thursday that the medical people will get to the bottom of my problem. Talking of bottom's anyone ever had to give a stool sample, how do you get it in that small bottle.:O) Work have been very supportive from Senior Management to the Advisers on the floor and I Thank them all.

Norma and I have got over our holiday in Tunisia and are now counting down the days to going to Cortes de la Frontera (at this time we are 131 days to take off). We are still looking at moving out to Cortes to retire in a year or so, more like two years I think. I wonder how the pound will be fairing against the Euro will be by then, hopefully it will have gained ground. The plan still is that we both work once out there, for myself a job in Gibraltar and for Norma something locally. We have had a thought about setting up a bit of a business, selling socks in markets or maybe second hand books, maybe doing some selling on ebay, who knows. I want a Little piece of land to grow a few peppers, tomatoes a lot of Spanish people do this especially he older generation supplement their pensions by growing their own food.

I am looking forward to the Easter Weekend as I am off on the Saturday and Sunday and my Sister Lynn is visiting York with her family, George, Jeanette, Helmut and little Albert. Norma and I are booked into a hotel called The Hotel 53, in Piccadilly, York.

F1 just about to start so;

Traa dy liooar

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