Monday, 30 March 2009

Back from our short holiday

Well Norma, Sheila (Norma's Sister) and I have got back from our oh to short break in Tunisia, the weather was better than we expected, we all have a nice colour, the hotel was a little quieter than the norm due I think to a bit of work being done.

Big surprise to us was when we walked into the restaurant of the hotel and I said to the girls "that bloke looks just like Dick (Brother to the Girls)" well it was, he was there on holiday with his partner Mary and some friends, we all had a good laugh at that, it was good to see them, good company.

I have an appointment with the Doctor on this coming Thursday to get a few things sorted, will up-date you on that once more is know. Norma is still doing her breathing exercises although she has been short of breath a couple of times.

Not long cleared my work emails, loads of them, quite a lot not of any current use but that is the way of the modern world, do you find that you get 10 mails all the same.

Traa dy liooar

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