Saturday, 28 February 2009

Let me think........

Right it has been nearly two weeks since my last posting, Norma, Sheila and I are getting excited about our break in Tunisia, tickets arrived this week, Sheila is very excited. We have learnt that there is building work taking place at the hotel but should not intrude too much.

Health, Norma has visited another specialist and he appears to know what is wrong and has given Norma lessons on breathing, funny how you get out of the habit of breathing correctly, yes it is true. When did you last consciously breath correctly? Go on try it expel all the air you can from your lungs, take a deep, deep breath and hold it for a good while, do that half a dozen times and tell me you do not go dizzy, going dizzy is the surge of oxygen getting into your blood, brain etc.The specialist has also said that Norma has stress, I can believe it, Norma works hard and is very conscientious at work. As for my health I am getting better by the day, thank you all for advice all well received, the best thing I am finding that helps at the moment is soda water, it relieves the pressure build up of wind, poor Norma :O)

Work, is going well although we have lost another site director Orjan was our third in 6 months by my reckoning, he is a great guy and I have learnt a lot from him and I realise I need to work on my style to improve myself, he was cool, calm and had a good style about him, he brought a lot of psychology into the work place and had a good plan but due to his obvious great talents he has been lured away to another business. Our loss and I do wish him all the best, Great Guy, yep Great Guy. Lets hope the next one is half as good and continues in the same vein.

I have noticed in myself how anti-social I have become of late, cannot be bothered calling friends and family to talk, not going out much etc. I put this down to my lack of love of the winter months, I have a tendency to just want to hibernate, I do get a bit of S.A.D. I must get out of the rut and make contact with everyone.

We are off out in a short while to take Norma's Grandson up to Bury, so he can pack bags in M&S to raise funds for a drama school he is involved in, we plan to pick him up drive back into Manchester Town center and the catch a tram up, into Bury. We pass the back of our house well about 200 mtrs away and Norma has not seen the house from the tram before, to be honest I am not sure if Fred has ever been on a tram, Fred is 14 and a good lad.

Talking of Grand Children, I must get over to the Isle of Man and see mine soon along with Richard, Charlotte and the rest of the clan. I am missing the Island a bit but I know once I get there it will appear very small and not the place I want to live on at this time of my life, I will return but not yet, there again I may leave it too late and end up just having my ashes cast over the sceptered isle. that is a bit morbid, I did warn you that this S.A.D. get to you :O)))

I am sat here listening to Radio Two and the sounds of the Sixties, one of my favorite programmes.

Well enough of my ramblings.

Traa dy liooar.

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