Sunday, 7 December 2008

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to my Friends who are Muslims.

So is Eid so much unlike Christmas, I am starting to think not, both religions believe Jesus lived but he is viewed differently by each faith.

Me I do not know if Jesus existed nor am I really interested but I will not knock any ones faith, so you enjoy what gives you pleasure.

Right, work is getting better, a change in Management has come about and the place is getting better by the day. My involvement and enthusiasm is growing by the day. Erik someone I have worked with from day one is going for the vacant position as Operations Manager and I really do wish him well, others are going for the roll but Erik has really shown his metal.

I will not be returning home to the Isle of Man this Christmas so will not see my Family, this is a disappointment to me but I will get over hopefully very soon. It is a year or longer since I saw my Family.

Norma has been busy of late with buying presents and wrapping them. Norma has also assisted in wrapping and posting my items to be sent back to the Island, £15.00 just to post 2 boxes.

With so little time to shop, even though I work in a major shopping complex, I have done a lot of my shopping vie I can only praise this site, everything is value for money and delivered on time, no complaints from me at all, so easy on the feet as well. I also did a lot of book buying from Waterstones. again just like Amazon in a lot of cases free post. I am going out with Norma today to go to Manchester Fort just to have a wander and maybe pick up a bargain or two.

I am one of these people who like to wait until after the New Year to buy big items, you seem to get so much more for your money and with the Credit Crunch thing I expect to see even greater value.

We had snow this week it was nice and the frost has been lovely, I have taken a few pictures that I hope to up-load later.

Norma and I have cast our vote on the congestion charge for Manchester, I for one said NO! I have a number of reasons for saying NO! one that I will point out;

  • This week I had to walk my usual route to the usual bus stop, all the cars flowed nicely on the nicely gritted roads. I was left to struggle along an ice rink known as a pavement, i saw one elderly lady with one of those 4 wheel push/pull trolley bag things, which she was holding on to like her life depended on it, which it probably did. I am not getting any younger and a broken hip is not something I would love to have.
  • The price of public transport has almost doubled in a short time, I can remember getting on a similar bus from the same stop, travelling for around 8 min and once it was £1.10. now it is £1.70 some 14 months later.
  • If the vote is YES will the fares come down. Well the cost off fuel has but I suspect neither will provoke a slashing of the price I pay to travel by public transport, it is all a government CON. SO VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!

Please follow this link. Ellen Vannin watch out for Robin Gibb's New single;

Traa dy Liooar

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