Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I have just heard the News from my Sister Lynn that my Neices Husbands Father, Helmut snr, has passed on, I only met him a few times but he was a proper Gent, he will be sadly missed by all and my sypathys are with young Helmut, Jeanette and Albert.

My brother appears not to be too well.

Our Lynn who slipped and cracked her head is also not well and if she is going to go to Helmut snr's funeral with George and the Family they had better take some warm clothes.

Norma got a letter inviting her to attend an emergency appointment for the Cardiac Unit, no appointments until Christmas Eve, so she rang the specialist and found out that it was not required. ARS* and Elbow comes to mind.

I am very proud to say that Robin Gibb of the Bee Gee's and King William's College both Manx have gotten together to sing an up-beat version of Ellan Vannin (name us Manx call Home). Please visit the link and may I point out that this single is raising funds for a good cause, it is an ideal Christmas Present to recieve for the likes of me. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/KWC-choir-share-spotlight-with.4707734.jp

Work is getting better for me by the day, it has been tough at times but things are on the up.

We started planning for our next big holiday, no suprise we are heading back to Cortes de la Frontera http://www.property-in-the-sun.com/Places-To-Visit/cortes-de-la-frontera and 'La Pina' http://www.holiday-spain.biz/index.htm we travel from Manchester by jet2.com http://www.jet2.com/ and use this car hire firm being Malaga Cars http://www.malagacar.com/ all the fore mentioned are fantastic value for money, being away from the Costa's life is slower and cheaper, not a place for visitors who are not willing to drive.

I see the Labour party are up to their old tricks of borrowing loads of money to keep us sweet, this to my mind is what happened just befor Maggie got in for 19 years last time, YES I am a Thatcherite and I liked the Winston Churchill type of government. Sometimes it hurts the pocket but New Labour are a joke.

With Christmas coming here is Carol in Manx;


She shoh yn laa rug Chreest nyn Jiarn,
Cre’n fa nagh goym’s arrane,
Cre’n fa nagh der mayd gloyr da Jee,
Eh vees dy bragh er mayrn,

Dagh cree gerjoil trog seose nyn giaull,
Lesh moylley’n Jee haink hiu,
Ny ainleyn bannee haink veih niau
Lesh niaghtyn jeh’n laa jiu.

As ren ny ainleyn bannee shenLesh bingys boggey niau,
Shee yee as graih,
as aigney mie,
Y hoilshagh da sheelnaue.

As vod cloan deiney ye nyn dhost,
Tra haink hooin wheesh dy grayse,
Haink Chiarn y yea ny niaughyn heose
Dy hauail shin veih baase.

Ard creenaght Yee hug shoh dys kione,
Keeayl Yee ren eh ordrail,
E Vac hene hug eh stiagh sy theihll,
Mec Adam dy hauail.

As toig shiu shen lesh creeaghyn glen,
Nagh dooie va’n kionnagh reesht,
Kys vannee Jee dy chooilley nhee
Liorish goaill foalley Chreest.

Jiu hie rollage gloyroil er choyrt,
Er chaghteraght veih Jee,
Dy insh da deiney creeney’n shiar
Jiu rug yn Prince dy Hee.

Eisht hie ny deiney creeney roue,
Sheer geiyrt er y rollage,
Er derrey hooar ad yn
OikanEc kione y nah laa yeig.

Hooar Abraham, as hooar Isaac jiu,
Ny yiall Jee daue rolaue,J
iu rug saualtagh er y theihll
Dy vannaghey sheelnaue.

Jiu ruggyr Shiloh Yacob neesht,
Jiu rug Ree Israel,
Jiu rug Mac Moidyn Yeesey Chreest,
Jiu rug Immanuel.

Lesh boggey mooar, as giastyllys,
Lesh creeaghyn chammah as beeal,
Liorish ve mie, rish ymmyrchee,
Teh cooie dooin feailley reayll.

Tra rye nyn girp ain loan syn ooir,
Ny anmeeyn ain ye beayn,
Heose marish Jee as ainleyn niau,
Trooid toilchinys yn Eayn.

Traa dy Liooar, Yessir.

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