Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Day 2008, was spent at home with Norma, I was on stand by for work just in case someone or something happened at work.

We got up early and gave each other presents, nice bit of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The rest of the day we just had a running buffet, giant prawns, cranberry topped grosvenor pie, turkey breast, ham, the usual but not a sit down meal, just bits and pieces, it worked out really well and not a sprout in sight.

Not much alcohol at all, a pint of Boddingtons and a gin and bitter lemon.

We watched a bit of TV, Hey Norma bought me a great present that we both can recommend. It is a pair of cordless headphones. Norma is a bit of a reader and the TV can be a bit of a concentration destroyer. Now with the head phones I get a full stereo experience and Norma gets to fully enjoy her reading. Oh the cost about £20.00 and remember you can look a bit of a nerd walking around with the headphones on. LOL. The headphones are Phillips shc2000.

I spoke to a lot of my Family, My Sister Lynn had a big gathering and my Son Richard had what must have been their first Christmas with just his Family in his house. Richard has damaged his ankle, falling at work, ripped some tendons but is determined to be in work on Monday morning. Made of strong stuff our Richard.

Shee as boggey erriu

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