Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday the 2nd of November and looking back.

Well Manchester United won again and are now up to 4th place with a game in hand.

Lewis Hamilton is forth on the grid and hopefully will become formula one world champion tonight in Brazil.

Work is OK at the moment, I have just taken over another New Team and do not know the half of them so need to introduce myself to them and set expectations, like other companies you have the usual issues, I do not know if it is a younger generation this but being on time and attitude to work in general seems not as important anymore. I do not know about you but I always think it is bad manners to be late and not do what you are paid for but you see the attitude in all areas of life, is it a casual attitude to life and not getting stressed, may be it is me that is wrong. I now in other countries peoples attitude to time is entirely different, why do we worry so much about time, do you find yourself wishing your life away "I wish it was Friday" and it is only Monday. LOL.

On the employment front I am really sorry to get news that it seems that most of me Nephews who are in N. Ireland seem to be having problems with short time or being possibly laid off. Makes an old duffer like me feel lucky to have a job and in a position to find new employment quite easy.

Norma has more tests coming up and has had the flu this week but she keeps soldiering on.

Well we had bonfires and fireworks around us last night, to be honest we just sat inside and watched the action as it was a bit cold, bonfire's only toast one side at a time.

The Center of Manchester is turning into Santa's Grotto, I am looking forward to the German Market outside the Town Hall it has a good atmosphere. Norma has all but finished buying in for the Kids over in the UK but I have to work out what is going on in the Isle of Man and who wants what. We have a bit of a rule in our respected Families that we but for Children only, that helps a lot and now with Children being so computer savvy or into Wii, XBOX or they know how to switch on a DVD / MP3 player you do not have to do big presents in fact you can pay a lot for just a bit of a silicone chip, amazing really.

Looking out the window we still have a lot of leaves to drop from the trees and some very nice colours showing but it has been a lot colder this week, Norma has picked me up from work after 10:00 pm and has had to scrape the ice off a couple of times.

Traa dy liooar (time enough)

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