Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Last entry for a while... I think.

We are just about packed and ready for our holiday in Cortes de la Frontera, Andalucia, Espania. Follow this link to have a tour of the village, you do not quite see our place it is out past the bull ring.

Going forward, we are looking for somewhere to really call home on this visit and I have been investigating the job market. I am quite surprised that there is a lot of work going in Gibraltar for area's that I have worked in, on line gaming and call center. The pay is good as well over 30,000 euros which is about £24,000. Which is very good in Spain. Working in Gibraltar but living in Spain will mean a regular commute but that is a price worth paying for a better quality of life/health.

Norma is back at the hospital more tests, we will not know the results till we get back. I am sure the holiday will do her good.

I do not know what facilities will be available for reading emails and Internet connection while away and do not really care, so do not expect me to get back if you mail me. I have also changed my mobile number and have sent it out to those that I think may need it, so check your text messages.

Traa dy liooar or should I say Tiempo Bastante (No it is not swearing) both saying translate to 'Time enough' in English.

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