Monday, 26 May 2008

Things that have pleased me this week;

Manchester United, have won in Europe, fantastic match and really down to the wire, I do not like anyone winning or losing on a penalty shoot out thought.

Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 in Monaco, great result and he is now 3 points clear in the championship race.

It is the start of the Isle of Man TT race fortnight, I hope all stay safe and may the roads be dry for all.

Had a night out with some of my Team on Sunday night, it was a good night quiet drink followed by a nice meal. Nothing lavish just a Chinese buffet.

I have been very tired in the later part of the week must try to do something about that, I think I need a break but it is a very important time at work, we are really just getting things up and running, all hands to the pumps and all that.

If the weather stays fine I am off with a friend to Chester, the friend is a guy called Dave who is over working with us from Canada, he is good fun once he gets going.

Norma is talking about having a trip to Bridge North in Shropshire, I have never been and it would be nice to go, she has a week booked off from work.

Ahh well

Traa dy liooar

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