Sunday, 18 May 2008

House, Wedding, Rangers, United,.

Great news to start off with, Richard (Son) and his Wife and children have just signed up for a new 4 bedroom house, this is fantastic, they all deserve it, just a couple of hundred metres from their current home, so no changes of school or anything.

Norma and I got home today after spending a great day / night at the wedding of Clair and Michael friends of ours, a lovely day, brass band in the church, 700yo hotel which was superb in Acrington, home of Acrington Stanley FC(who are they, exactly).

Well Glasgow Rangers hit Manchester on Wednesday, what a riot and they left the place smelling like a toilet. Also no big screens for the United game and no parade of the premiership trophy,not happy.

United are up for the Euro cup on Wednesday, lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Not heard from our Lynn and the trip to Gibraltar, so cannot report back yet.

Traa dy liooar

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