Monday, 24 March 2008

It never stops.

Remember a month or so ago, I got the job with Teletech / o2 how my world has changed.

As indicated in my last posting I may have had some new news. Well I have, I am going to train a few people in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is not clear how I am going to do this it is likely that I will do it via Video Conference but may have to go to South Africa if this is not possible, will get back to you on that.

Our o2 training has now finished and it is time for the Teletech piece, learning how Teletech do the job. So it is goodbye to the Bury Call Centre and Hello to the Arndale House in Manchester City Center.

Norma and I have been away Friday to Monday, we stayed in Stockton which was handy for the places we visited.

Friday we travelled up to Stockton (Thornaby area).

Saturday we visited Redcar then Whitby, it was very windy and we could not breath at times. norma and I walked up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey and back down again then back up the West Cliff. then off we went to visit, Robin Hood Bay, Scarborough and Thirsk, back to the hotel for a few drinks and a fine meal.

Sunday we visited the Beamish Museum, wonderful place, lots to do, all set in 1913, lots of trams, buses and we even walked down a drift mine, bent double in places, spent a lot of time here and did not see it all.

Today, Monday we travelled home via York, we walked past the minster, down the Shambles and on to the Jorvik museum, we had not been here before and it was a very good experience, try to get there sometime.

It is good to have Manchester United back on top, not so good was Lewis Hamilton's race, still in the points though and leading the Championship, McClaren well ahead. Even England stand a chance of winning the Test in New Zealand, first Test win since 2005 I think. Linfield back on top in Northern Ireland, come on the Blues.

Traa dy liooar

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Anonymous said...

I dont think the video conferencing will work...

Your off to South Africa !

This will need a link running from London to ZAF... and these links tend to have loads of packet loss.

In English you videoconference calls will be blocky.

I cant tell you how I know...
I am in Manchester from 5th-7th April.

Are you up for a quick pint on the 6th Mate in the printworks let me know. I will be in there from 5.00 PM.. you may meet my new flatmate.. A rather attractive Candadian/ Bulgraian 23 old who looks like a model.... hmmm !

I have given my blog a rest whilst I do my spanish clases of which are going very well..