Sunday, 10 February 2008


Last few days a bit mad really.

Friday met up with Norma after she finished work, we had planed to meet up with some friends and make a night of it but after having a meal, Norma started to feel ill, it hit me a bit later, must have been something we ate as we did not drink that much. So we did not meet up with Joe and George, they went on I believe to have a really good night out.

Saturday we had a good fry up in Rowntree's in the Arndale then set off for Chester to meet up with Alan, Boonta, Duncan and Nit. We visited the Bear and Billet a pub owned by the Manx Brewery Okells, mentioned in a previous log. The real ale was great, IPA, Bitter (Ran out after a while) & Aile. We went on to have a meal in the Thai Restaurant up the road called Ruan Orchid. very nice, I would advise you to book if you plan a visit, only small but nice.

We went back to the Holiday inn and resided in the bar, quite a lot to drink and a good evening.

Traveled back today and have been quiet, United lost 2-1 in the derby match but the minutes silence in memory of the Munich Air crash was upheld by all supporters, a credit to both teams.

As yet I have not had my joining instructions for Wednesday but Contracts and offers all in hand, looking forward to the challenge.

Traa dy liooar.

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