Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Last few days.

Thought I would put in a bit on the blog.

We ordered some shelving from Next for the living room it has finaly all arived ywo days after the original delivery date but at least it is all here now.

Joe came around to Cafe Howarth on Tuesday and we had a nice talk, put the world to right etc.

Ted came around today again we put the world to rights.

Joe and Ted are good fun and it is great to have visitors.

Alan's birthday is in Chester on Saturday and we are looking forward to it.

Well footie on TV tonight, may I remind all that Northern Ireland and Wales are playing as well as England.

Lewis Hamilton was treated very poorly in Barcalona, not good.

Beutiful day here in Manchester today, bright at 07:30, I like the daylight, I think I get S.A.D.

We have found a New Butchers in the Arndale market, have had some good steaks and going to have some Kababs from the butchers tonight.

I am really enjoying conversing with people from all over on the keeps my brain going, good debates but nice and friendly. Like and Age similar people.

Well off to build a shelf or four.

Traa dy liooar.


Angie said...

Hi Adrian
I remember you now! I've just discovered a PM from you on 50plus, sorry about the delay in answering,explanation in reply on 50plus.Anyway, I thought I would return the compliment and have a look at your blog and of course I recognised you! You do a very interesting blog. I will read more of it when I have more time.Bye for now

Angie said...

Hello again,
We'll have to stop meeting like this you know,lol.I've linked your blog to My Life so it's easier to get to.I like your photos of Hawkshead.We had a family holiday last year, not far from there.We stayed near Sawrey we were in between Near Sawrey and Far Sawrey.It's a beautiful area, but then the whole of the Lake District is, isn't it.Anyway, I'm off now to answer your PM on 50plus, lol