Sunday, 27 January 2008

Well that was the week that was

Work has been good, my boss (Bev) has returned from holiday and things are moving on a pace, nice bit of competition building up.

Moving on to Friday night, Norma and I traveled up to Hawkshead and stayed in the Red Lion Inn, a 500 yo coaching inn, full of quirky stairs and sloping floors, oak beams. The food was excellent as was the Hawkshead ale. had walks through the village and then drove up to the Kirkstone Pass with our friends Ted and Jackie.

Today being Sunday we had a lovely breakfast then moved on to Ambleside, from here we boarded a boat and traveled up to Bowness both on Lake Windermere, the weather was very nice and the scenery was wonderful.

My nephew Alan asked me if I could remember anything about Davy Jones the smallest man in Lisburn N.I. I have heard about him but never met him, his Auntie Harriett would have more knowledge I am sure but I will include the link in case someone reads my blog and can give me some detail, especially about a bar in Lisburn with a bird in it.

I will add some pictures later this week about our trip so be sure to visit later.

Traa dy liooar.

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Anonymous said...

Well you have cut back on blogs, you must be very busy!

Do me a favour post your photos a bit bigger as my eyes arent what they used to be and I can hardly make them out. You could link them to a photo web site.

The bar Alan is talking about is the one that used to be facing Bow House, you know where the dole office is in Lisburn well the bar was across the road on the corner, it is now a jewlers.

Glad your enjoying work.