Sunday, 20 January 2008

Decision time

I am listening to Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene, free with today's The Mail on Sunday, I have not listened to the album for years and this is a new mix, very good it is to.

Today I have made the decision to stop doing a daily blog, due to my work commitments and finding a bit of leisure time the blog is becoming difficult to populate. So from now on it will be more of a weekly and important event blog.

This week has been better than last week at work, we are still finding our feet and getting to know each other and learning each others little ways. I think in October 2007 the concept was put into place to create the UK division, I know two people have been their since November / December in early January Emma, Kat, Yanis and I came on board in our various rolls, Kat and I doing the same role with different teams. Last Monday our on site workforce doubled in a day with an intake of new starters and tomorrow Monday we add another 10 or so, I think the plan then is to wait a week to see how things go. My immediate boss comes in tomorrow, Bev has been in Australia for just less than a month and I look forward to seeing her.

Norma and I are looking forward to going up to the lake district with Ted and Jackie next Friday night, staying in Hawkeshead, in the Red Lion inn, Good food, drink and a log fire will be the order of the day I think, not sure about a long walk may just stroll around the village and see what it has to offer, we will of course report our findings and I am sure we will have tales to tell.

For that matter I will tell you about a time Ted and I were in London for a meeting. We were staying in the Tavistock Hotel just down from Euston Station, near where the bomb blew up the bus a while ago.

Well Ted and I agreed to meet in the bar at such and such a time and by chance Ted got in the lift a floor down and joined me in the lift.

Ted is a health big lad, who must have been on the Guinness and Baked beans earlier, he let off the smelliest fart that has ever been created, we had about 7 floors to go down, I am not kidding I was gasping for fresh air through the gap between the lift doors.

Well as luck would have it (for me anyway) some Americans had summonsed the lift and the doors opened at the fourth floor, it was a slow lift. Well Ted and I fell out, laughing and stumbling and ran down the corridors, we finally found the door to the stairs and went down that way.

We walked into reception just in time to see the Americans coming out of the lift (I did say it was slow) without a word of a lie they were nearly collapsing, gassed by Teds arse.

Ted could not stop laughing and ran out of the hotels front door, I walked with a big smile into the bar and met up with some friends who could not understand a word I was saying, due to me laughing so much, Ted was calling me on his mobile and we were wetting ourselves, just could not speak.

We say the Americans go out, handkerchiefs in hand, I am not sure if some of them had been sick to be honest.

Ted and I still laugh at that one, we have been in some situations I must admit. More to come I am sure.

Traa dy liooar.

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