Friday, 4 January 2008


Today is I suppose my last day of freedom in some respect, I start my new job at on Monday. This will give me a new focus, away from filling up my day with housework and job hunting.

I do not have to start until 10:00 on Monday, so will have to hold back from using my new travel pass.

A friend has just got a job and I am very pleased for her, I am sure she will enjoy the job.

Lisa Tarbrush is on the radio, she is not as good as Steve Wright.

Norma is taking me out for my dinner tonight, my choice of place to eat, Norma fancied a nice restaurant, I chose Lloyds Bar in the Printworks, it is a J.D. Weatherspoons pub. They do nice food and good wine, it is also very handy to get home from.

Some of you have indicated that you cannot put comments on, I have tried to fix it, not sure if it has worked. If you would like to mail me direct just send a mail to this is an address I go into about once a week and will pick up your mail in time. Others know my home email address.

Traa dy liooar

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