Thursday, 15 November 2007


Thursday and a few phone calls and emails on the job front, there is two jogs still that interest me but I have about 5 jobs bobbing about in total, who knows how it will all work out.

I have done allot of work around the house over the last few days and that is good.

Our Lynn's meat from the Isle of Man should arrive tomorrow, I am looking forward to that.

BBC have just left, lets hope that is it for a while, get a bit of peace and quiet, I do feel sorry for them though it has been very cold.

Out having interviews tomorrow and I am going to have a look around the Christmas Markets in town and of course the Friday bottle of wine with Norma after work.

Right the Manx for the day is;

Shoh my charrey Pudsey Bear – This is my friend Pudsey Bear (remember Children in Need)

Traa dy looar

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