Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Lewis Hamilton tomorrow

We should hear the outcome of the McClaren appeal sometime tomorrow, it appears to be a very dirty game at the moment.

Had an appointment early on today and one postponed until Friday due to the Lady being down with the flu.

No sign of the BBC, who were expected today, wonder what is going on with them, maybe they are slipping behind schedule. Norma wants to get some information on Scallywagga for the Esure newsletter, I must remember to ask.

Spoke to my Sister Lynn again today, I had discussed with her if it was legal to take meat off the Isle of Man. The reason for my asking is that the Meat in England, well the stuff we buy anyway, is not very tasty. I would also say it is quite watery as well. I was hoping with my Son Richard soon to visit that he would bring over some fresh meat, nice Manx Lamb or Beef, grass fed, fresh mountain water, good Manx air. UUMMMM.

To my amazement our Lynn rang the Meat producers on the Island and discovered they have a website to send meat over here, well Lynn has ordered and I must point out paid for a food parcel to be sent. Good on yer Lynn, we are very grateful and Thank you very much. Oh our Lynn did say that the Isle of Man meat people will make up any order you require and to use the site as a guide, what a Christmas present a hamper would make to arrive on someone specials doorstep, perhaps that someone who you can never buy for as they have everything, your Mum and Dad, Aunt, Uncle or just someone you really think would enjoy it.

I do not know if you have a Morrisons near by but I know they stock Manx cheese, have a go sometime, especially the peppered cheese.

Here is the link for the Manx Meat web site;

Now your Manx for the day is;

T’ou scoorit – You are drunk

Traa Dy Looar Yessir.

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