Saturday, 24 November 2007

A good time coming soon.

Today being Saturday is a bit of a non-event, Norma and I have been to B&Q bought some bits and pieces for me to work with during the week.

Norma is plodding along with the flu but will not let her illness stop her doing bits and pieces. She has just gone out to do some shopping so I will do a bit of a blog.

The birds are feeding on the tree, OH! I have bought some fairy lights for the patio, blue flashing, that blue that is icy if you know what I mean, with the Grandchildren coming over from the Isle of Man we have decided to make a grotto out of the patio.

I am really excited about showing the Kids the lights of Manchester, none of the children have experienced being surrounded by tens of thousands of people, the main town on the Isle of Man is Douglas and on a good day it has a population in total of about 30,000. There are about that many in Market street in Manchester and the youngest Kyle (3 nearly 4) will I know see the Father Christmas on the front of Manchester Town Hall and stare in amazement and wonderment, it must be 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide of solid lights, every lap post seems to be decorated and a lot of the tree's around the town center are glowing with fairy lights, if you are near Manchester please come and see the display it is really spectacular.

Just in case you wonder why I am a bit giddy about meeting up with my Son, his Wife and the Grandchildren, well I only ever see them about once a year for about two days on average, so I hope you now understand.

I am going to drop the Manx lessons for a while. Oh! please excuse one of the comments fields I got SPAMed due to opening my coments to all, I will have to revert to fielding comments prior to population being allowed, sorry.

Traa dy looar

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