Friday, 2 November 2007


Well that has been a week, no job but prospects looking better than earlier in the week, if I sounded down I wasn't just had nothing going on really.

Norma had a work mate down from Glasgow, nice girl called Laura. We had a couple of bottles of wine and a Chinese banquet, all very nice, good company and good food.

Had a nice interview this morning will see what comes of it also confirmation that I have impressed a big USA company setting up in Salford who want to talk to me.

Arsenal vs Manchester United tomorrow lunch time, wonder what will come out of it a win for United would be nice but a draw would be livable.

Not going out for our usual drink on a Friday night like most weeks due to being out last night, we will be staying in, bottle of wine and chippy tea. Happy days.

Oh i have just noticed today that one of the boys old watering holes is now a BRAZILIAN restaurant, Brazilian I did not know they knew anything other than Salsa. Bring back the Land O' Cakes.

Love and Peace

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