Sunday, 4 November 2007

Angry, Frustrated Adrian

YES, I'M ANGRY, IKEA need stringing up, I have spent an eternity trying to put together and stain a FUTON, the plastic bits all bend and snap with NO EXTRA bits, bolts that will not go through the pre-drilled holes AAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So I am taking a coffee break to calm down and do my blog, which I missed yesterday for the first time since being on holiday.

Right Saturday, best bit was last night, Street Bonfire Night. Well we have an extended Family in the street Kenny and Val Doran, with in other houses Julie & Paul & family, young Kenny & Tammy with their family. Well they sorted out a Bonfire & Firework display to rival any organised event, even food was laid on, they and it was brilliant. I made a Mulled Wine that went down well. We had a visit from the Police who called the Fire Brigade but the Police withdrew after the fire died down and called off the fire brigade. Talk is this may be the last street bonfire but maybe the streets Resident Association can organise something.

Well my coffee has arrived and I have calmed down a bit so that was Saturday and early Sunday.

Oh! United held to a draw, fair enough but it would have been good to win.

Love and Peace.

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