Friday, 19 October 2007


Well the BBC have gone for now but the location manager, likes the area, so he says he will be back.

So Scallywagga' (see the link lower down) has had it run of the house, some things I have observed and been informed on.
  1. Scallywagga' is aimed at the 19-24yo, age bracket.
  2. It is a bit like the really fast show.
  3. Expected to be shown on BBC3 in February and BBC2 later in the year.
  4. About 117 different sketch's.
  5. Loads of people behind the scenes that you do not see, I recon for every actor in front there must be at least 20+ behind the scene all the way down to the accountants and beyond.
  6. I am not surprised that the BBC are cutting back.

The two scenes that have taken place in our home are, The Treasure Map and one of the Origami scenes. I will not go into the actual script as this will spoil things.

Link to a one of the script writers web site.

Moving on, I have a bit of work to do this weekend on a presentation that I have to give on Wednesday to a solicitors company that I may be able to get a job with, it sounds interesting, is not to far to travel to and pays well.

Norma and I are meeting up tonight after work for a drink in the English Lounge and a bag of chips on the way home.

Love and Peace.

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