Thursday, 18 October 2007

BBC, Rugby, Football but what about Lewis Hamilton.

Have you noticed that the media are all talking about the BBC job cuts, England and Scotland's football teams, The England football team but there is no mention of LEWIS HAMILTON, why is this, is it because LEWIS HAMILTON has a chance of winning the F1 Championship and the rest do not have a chance of winning anything, let alone qualifying. Your views in the comments field please.

Well the BBC are back this morning at about 10:00 they start filming in our house at about 16:00 until about 19:30, I will do a piece on the Sketch Comedy once all is complete but I will say one word of caution, boring, yes it may look good on TV or on the big screen but the actual filming is slow and not very interesting, for me it is the editor who makes the show.

Looking out the window of my study at 08:40 on Thursday the 18th of October 2007, I have noticed that it is really turning autumnal, the squirrels are busy, loads of magpies, and the trees are a lovely colour but the evening frost's that have arrived in our valley are making the tree's shed their leaves.

Love and Peace.

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David said...

Well Im really hoping that Lewis holds it together and gets what he desirves on Sunday. He has been without doubt the best driver this season and besides Id love to see the look on that Alonsos face. Until this season I actually admired Alonso but because of all the nonsense Ive read, it has completely put me off him. I guess the media is afraid to show some favourtisum towards Lewis encase Alonso throws his dummy out of the pram over that too!